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Inpatient Rehabilitation Services
Moving and Motivating Patients Toward Independence

Orange Regional Medical Center
707 East Main Street
Middletown, NY 10940
Vincent Gulfo, MD
Medical Director
Rehabilitation Medicine

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Orange Regional Medical Center provides state-of-the-art cognitive and physical rehabilitation to patients who have had a debilitating illness, acute injury or recent surgery. We provide modern facilities, equipment and programs designed to meet your needs in a caring and comfortable setting.

In 2014, the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit received a three-year accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Our rehabilitation team's ongoing dedication and commitment have assured the program's conformations to all CARF standards. This accreditation represents the 7th successful CARF survey by our Inpatient Rehabilitation Team who continually demonstrate an established pattern of practice excellence which has spanned over 21 years of service. Orange Regional Medical Center is dedicated to helping individuals live their lives to the fullest despite disabilities caused by trauma, illness, congenital deficits or disease. We combine a healing environment with individualized care to meet each patient’s unique needs. 

Our Services and Therapies Your Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Team
Resources and Support  Glossary / Common Used Terms
Why Choose Orange Regional Medical Center Referrals and Admissions
Patient Testimonials Our Successful Patient Track Record

Dr. Vincent Gulfo Discusses the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at
Orange Regional Medical Center

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Our Services and Therapies

Our rehabilitation team works together to develop a comprehensive plan for each patient with the goal of achieving greater independence and quality of life. 

Our full range of inpatient rehabilitation services include:

General Rehabilitation
Assists patients who have suffered strokes, trauma, illness, injuries, or surgery that has resulted in decreased mobility and independence. 

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Is designed to improve the health and quality of life of those that have had heart, lung and vascular disease or surgeries. 

Amputee Rehabilitation
Our staff work closely with each patient who has suffered the loss of a limb(s) to help restore strength and confidence and enable them to resume function, mobility and build an independent and rewarding life.

Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Helps restore range of motion, strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance and self-care skills to enable you to resume an active lifestyle.

Neurological Rehabilitation
A person can be greatly affected by an injury or disease of the nervous system. Rehabilitation focuses on aiding a person’s recovery and helping that individual to live a more normal, active and independent life.

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
Our team focuses therapy to enable improved  function, mobility, self-care  and to develop strategies for independent living and community reentry.   

Stroke Rehabilitation
The goal of our program is to help stroke survivors relearn skills, our program is individualized for each patient to progress them as their abilities improve.  

Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Is specially designed to address the unique recovery needs of brain injury survivors.  Patients benefit from a program that is tailored to the physical and functional limitations, cognitive impairments and emotional difficulties.

Cancer Rehabilitation

We are also proud to offer our Cancer Rehab Program to patients diagnosed with cancer. As part of our Cancer Rehab Program, you will receive comprehensive, individualized cancer rehabilitation treatment, covered by most insurance plans, to improve the symptoms affecting your daily functioning and quality of life.  

Complementary Therapy

Orange Regional offers Complementary Therapies as a part of your recovery. Complementary Therapies aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of an illness. Orange Regional Medical Center offers Reiki Therapy as a natural approach to healing and wellness and our Pet Therapy Program helps make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Your Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Team

Our specially trained therapists and multi-disciplinary team has more than 146 years of combined experience and consists of:


A physiatrist is a Board-certified physician who specializes in Physical Medicine and rehabilitation. He/she provides direct primary care for medical conditions and also coordinates and supervises individualized programs. The rehabilitation program prescribed by the physiatrist is designed to maximize your independence and help you reach the potential goals as determined by the treatment team. The team will be directed by the physiatrist.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists teach you to improve your overall mobility, strength, range of motion,
balance and coordination making it easier for you to get around. Recommendations for
assistive devices such as canes and walkers are made by the physical therapist.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists work to improve your motor function, cognitive and perceptual abilities in order to increase independence in activities of daily living (ADL). ADLs are the self- care tasks accomplished daily such as bathing, toileting, dressing and transfers. Your occupational therapist may make recommendations for home modifications or adaptive equipment. 

Rehabilitation Nurse

Rehabilitation nurses have specialized skills to provide 24-hour direct patient care. The rehabilitation nurse establishes a personalized plan of care, including medication, self- care and safety issues to meet your specific needs. The rehabilitation nurse also reinforces the skills learned in therapy and provides patients and family members education. 

Case Manager – Insurance and Discharge

Case managers assist patients and family members with discharge planning to ensure a safe return home. The case manager will familiarize and educate you on available community resources. Family conferences and training are arranged through the case manager to discuss your goals and progress. Concerns regarding financial and/or insurance benefits are addressed by the case manager.

Speech Language Pathologist

The speech language pathologist evaluates and retrains patients who have lost the ability to communicate or swallow. Additionally, the speech language pathologist may work with patients in the areas of reading, writing, speaking or calculating numbers if these abilities are impaired.

Leisure Activities

Recreation is an important aspect of each person's life. The team will plan activities specific to your needs.   

Neuropsychology Services

Patients and family members sometimes experience difficulty adjusting to an illness or disability. For that reason, a variety of Neuropsychological and counseling services are offered. Neuropsychology services may be included in your rehabilitation program if the physician or multidisciplinary team suspects that emotional, cognitive or adjustment issues are limiting your progress. This service is also available upon request by the patient or family members. Consultations with the neuropsychologist are private and confidential. The choice to continue or discontinue Neuropsychological treatments and/or consultation is at the discretion of the patient.

Dietary Services

Orange Regional Medical Center offers Hostess Service Dining providing meals delivered directly to your room.  Our menu offers a variety of choices and will allow you to select your meals according to your physician’s prescribed diet.  

Rehabilitation Volunteers

Our Rehabilitation Volunteers offer support in your recovery and may assist you with leisure activities.  Many of our volunteers have been patients themselves and are able to identify with what a patient is experiencing.  Our volunteers also include therapy dogs and their owners.

Resources and Support

Orange Regional Medical Center offers support groups and classes that provide social and emotional support, encouragement, information and education in a compassionate environment.

Partners In Caring / Caregivers Support Group

This group provides peer support and education to caregivers of the chronically ill and disabled. The monthly meetings offer educational programs aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the caregiver. This group meets the third Tuesday of every month.

Stroke Education & Support Group

This support group focuses on stroke “recovery," with particular emphasis on promoting continued recovery and quality of life after formal treatment stops. Individuals that have had a stroke, caregivers, friends and family are all welcome. Discussion topics cover medical management, pain management, stress management, nutrition, exercise, adaptive equipment and more. This group meets the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Spinal Cord Support Group

This group offers education and support for those that have been affected by a spinal cord injury or disease – providing an opportunity to engage with others who face the same challenges. Learn how to live and enjoy your life despite physical challenges. This group meets the third Wednesday of every month.

Total Joint Replacement Class

This three-hour class is for patients already scheduled for total joint replacement surgery at Orange Regional Medical Center or for those who want to know more about total joint replacement. There will be a hands-on session where patients can see an actual joint implant and the opportunity to gain knowledge about equipment and supplies that are used during recovery. The class will also guide participants through a patient education packet and answer questions that you may have. This class meets every Tuesday.

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

This support group offers education and support for those afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. Friends and family are welcome. This group meets the third Saturday of every month.

Find a Support Group

Glossary / Commonly Used Terms

The following are commonly used medical terms and simple definitions used in conjunction with Rehabilitation Services:

Activities of Daily Living (ADL):

The self-care tasks that need to be accomplished each day to promote self-independence, such as eating; bathing; toileting; transfers and dressing. 


Communication deficits resulting from brain injury. Aphasia may impair the ability to speak, write and understand signs. 


Impairment of the brain’s ability to send messages telling the muscles to move voluntarily.


The amount of support needed to complete ADL tasks. Assistance is graded as minimal, moderate or maximal.

Assistive Devices:

Equipment which aides a person in completing ADL tasks or ambulating.


Weakness, slowness or lack of coordination of the muscles involved in producing speech as a result of brain injury. This may result in slurred speech that is hard to understand. 


Swallowing disorder resulting from brain injury which may impair a patient’s ability to safely swallow liquid and/or solids.

Weakness of one side of the body.

A wide cane which has four points of support.

Involuntary movements of the body.

The neurological dysfunction resulting from disruption of the blood supply to the brain.

The ability of getting from one surface to another.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI):
A form of acquired brain injury. Occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain.

Why Choose Orange Regional Medical Center

Consider that for more than 21 years, Orange Regional Medical Center’s Inpatient Rehabilitation has provided quality care and has helped people return to a more active lifestyle. Every patient is evaluated and receives an individualized treatment plan, which includes desired goals and outcomes and the time frame necessary to achieve these results. After an injury or illness, recovery can be a long and difficult road. The multidisciplinary team at Orange Regional is focused on helping your restore function, reduce pain and return you to a place where you can enjoy your lifestyle again. Our team looks to include your loved ones in your recovery with education, support and training. 

Our Successful Patient Track Record

Our 2016 track record indicates great outcomes for the patients we care for on the Rehabilitation Unit.
Here are some highlights:

74.6% of our patients are discharged directly home after their rehabilitation stay
14.6% of our patients are discharged to a sub-acute setting for a continuation of rehabilitation 
12.4 days was the average length of stay
70.2 years old was the average age of our patient

We treated patients with a wide range of diagnoses:
   38% of our patients spent time with us for orthopedic rehabilitation which included hip fractures and joint replacements
   17% patients received rehabilitation for a stroke
   10% of our patients received rehabilitation for neurological conditions including brain injury and spinal cord injury
   18% of our patients received rehabilitation for diagnoses such as amputation, Guillain- Barre and arthritis

Referrals and Admissions

How To Become A Patient

If you or a family member is interested in Orange Regional Medical Center’s Inpatient Rehabilitation, you must have a physician referral. You can ask the physician currently overseeing the care of the individual to contact the Rehabilitation Referral Specialist at 845-333-4260. If you are currently a patient at Orange Regional Medical Center, the patient’s physician is required to contact a physiatrist directly.

Consult/Patient Referrals

The Rehabilitation Team will review the referral and evaluate the patient’s medical, clinical and psychosocial status to ensure the patient meets the admission criteria for successful rehabilitation. A patient’s willingness to participate in therapy is integral to successful rehabilitation.

Insurance Review

In addition to the consult review, the patient’s health insurance will be assessed for rehabilitation coverage. Orange Regional accepts most types of insurance plans including worker’s compensation, traditional insurance plans, managed care plans, Medicare and Medicaid.

Special Financial Needs

Please let our Admissions/Registration staff know if you have special financial needs. Our Financial Advocate Office helps patients and families obtain financial aid or apply for Medicaid and can assist in verification of insurance coverage and pre-certification. The Financial Advocate office can be reached at 845-333-2455.


The Rehabilitation Referral Specialist will notify your case manager once a patient  is approved for admission. Each patient will receive and admissions packet to help you prepare for your stay. 


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